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How it Works

Personal Installment loan [PIL] is available to all employees of verified reputable organisation. Get a loan of up to ₦1.5m in minutes.


You can access 30% of your monthly earnings instantly, then proceed to the growth package to unlock higher amount, lower interest rate and longer tenor when you make timely repayment


Get up to 60% of your monthly earnings and repay in two equal monthly installment


Optimize your access to full income and pay back in 3 months installment at lower interest rate

Why Next Payday?

Tested and Trusted

We have successfully met the need of over 500 thousand Nigerians seeking financial relief

tested and trusted

Self Service

You are your account officer: make loan request, top up, repay, settle or generate loan statement from your dashboard. It is that transparent!

self service

Data Driven

We leverage big data to obtain useful insight of your credit history, eligibility and capacity to offer you a loan that best fit your circumstance

personal credit

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